I work in Experimental Pragmatics, an area of Cognitive Science that employs psycholinguistic techniques to investigate theories of how we produce and interpret language in context.

Currently I'm a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Oslo working with Paula Rubio-Fernandez on the project 'Vision shapes language: referential communication in blind, sighted and newly-sighted individuals'. Prior to this, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Edinburgh working with Hannah Rohde and Paula Rubio-Fernandez on a project investigating younger and older adults' choice of referring expressions in interactive contexts and how that relates to memory capacity, executive control, and Theory of Mind. My PhD thesis examined the cognitive mechanisms underlying perspective-taking over the lifespan and the impact of later-life language learning on cognitive ageing.


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Under review
Long M, Rohde H, Oraa Ali M, Rubio-Fernandez P. Speaker-internal biases in referential choice remain stable over the adult lifespan.
Long M, MacPherson S, Rubio-Fernandez P. Age-related differences in how speakers relay news in face-threatening contexts.
Long M, Turner G, Vega-Mendoza M, Sorace A, Bak T. Cognitive psychology meets sociolinguistics: effects of brief intensive language learning on attentional functions and language attitudes.
Shukla V, Long M, Rubio-Fernandez P. Children’s acquisition of discourse markers in English, Hindi, Mandinka and Spanish: effects of optionality, grammaticalization and narrative elicitation.
Rubio-Fernandez P, Long M, Shukla V, Bhatia V, Sinha P. Visual perspective taking is not automatic in a simplified Dot task: evidence from newly sighted children, primary school children and adults.